Whatever the challenge or business challenge, we have what it takes to build your brand or bring your products to market

We can help you in THREE ways:

If you are a Mexican company

in a different sector that wants to enter the hemp industry.

If you are a foreign company

that wants to enter the Mexican market.

If you are looking to start

a hemp venture in the Mexican market.


About our solutions

1. Cultivation Projects

For your hemp cultivation to be successful

For your hemp cultivation to be successful We have created three main strategies that will give you the best opportunity:

Financial Consulting

With all the necessary tools for your investment to be optimized in the best way

Technical Consulting

Analyzing the location in the best way to create a plan that fits the objectives of your project and consistent with circular economy principles

Operational Consulting

Providing support in the execution of your plan, as well as the necessary maintenance so that your crop contributes value to your community and the supply chain in a sustainable way

2. Legal counsel and Regulatory

Regulatory compliance in the hemp sector is complex

Therefore, we offer two different types of services that can be tailored to your business needs:

Specialized Services to Industrial Hemp

For compliance with national and/or international standards, compliance, as well as regulatory advocacy in cultivation, processing, distribution and/or retail sales

Obtaining Authorizations and Permits

Before regulatory authorities, through different strategies customized to your global business strategy timeline

3. Specialized Consulting

We offer different specialized services to the sector:

Commercial strategies

To access national and regional markets

Strategic planning

To help your business anticipate national and international trends


Communication Strategies, Marketing and PR, to create a brand that transforms people's lives

Import and Export

To meet international trade requirements in the global hemp market


Product or Service Feasibility, to identify areas of opportunity for your business before, during and after launch

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    Leaders in Mexico and Latin America in the creation of business models in the hemp industry.